Friday, March 24, 2017

Reminders and Updates

The Adult Choir page has links to virtually all of the pieces we have been working on in practice, including: 
  • The communion antiphons 
  • The Mass of Glory parts (Holy, When We Eat, and Amen) 
  • The Passion Responses  
  • There are even practice links for SATB parts for Praise His Holy Name, Verleih' uns Frieden, and Ave Verum corpus.
For all other music for mass, see the Mass Music List page; it is organized chronologically. 

This Sunday is our last 9:00 a.m. mass for the month of March. Our April schedule is busy: 
  • Final Holy Week Rehearsal: Monday, April 10th: 7:00 in church (NO practice Wednesday the 12th) 
  • Holy Thursday, April 13th: 6:45 warm-up; 7:30 service
  • Good Friday, April 14th: 6:45 warm-up; 7:30 service
  • Easter Vigil, April 15th: 6:45 warm-up; 7:30 service
  • Easter Day: 10:20 warm-up; 10:45 mass 
  • Confirmation: April 30th at 3:00

Cantors, please fill in where you can, thank you.

Friday, March 17, 2017

The site has been completely updated with current music and new links. Also, a problem with some of the links not working should be resolved now.

Holy week and Easter are quickly approaching!  Be sure to come to practice; if you can't make it, however, let Mark know. Additionally, be sure to put your name on the sign up sheets for Holy Week and Confirmation if you can be there, so Mark can plan accordingly.

See you at 8:30 on Sunday!

P.S. FYI, there is a Gospel Choir Concert at CLC on the 18th (Saturday). Here's a link if anyone is interested in learning more

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Updates and Reminders

The blog has been updated with current song lists and links.  

Cantors, check the Cantor Sign Up page and keep filling in where you can, thank you.

Schedule Reminders:
  • This Sunday the 26th: 10:45 mass 
  • Wednesday, March 1st: Ash Wednesday - meet in the church at 6:30 for 7pm mass, and we'll stay after mass to practice.
  • Sunday March 12th: Taize at 4:00.  

Thursday, February 2, 2017

This Saturday, we sing at the 5:00 mass and have dinner after mass. Please be in the music room at 4:15 to warm up. Remember to chip in for the chicken and bring a dish to pass.  

Dates to remember: 
  • March 1st: Lent begins. We have a lot of music to learn, so attendance is important. 
  • March 12: Taize Lenten Prayer @ 4:00 
  • April 9th: Holy Week begins
  • April 30th: Confirmation @ 3:00 with Cardinal Cupich. Please be there if at all possible so we can give a good impression of our parish.

If you know you will miss a rehearsal or practice, please let Mark know so he can plan accordingly. 

Thursday, January 26, 2017


This Sunday the 29th we sing at the 10:45 mass and will meet at 10:15 in the church.

Next weekend, we sing at the Saturday mass (February 4th) and will meet at 4:15 to warm up. Let Mark know if you will be there and whether you would like to gather afterward.  

Also, the Chamber Choir page has been updated with links for the new music.


Thursday, January 12, 2017

Adult Choir Page Update

The Adult Choir page has been updated with links to the choir pieces for this weekend, including the Communion Antiphon.  

Plus, all of the new music from our folder have links, too.  We only covered a few pieces in rehearsal, but scroll down and look under "Preview" to hear the ones we haven't looked at yet.